How to Apply + Remove



  1. Shake tube well
  2. Apply 3 very thin layers, in 1 direction, to clean, dry lips
  3. Gloss all over to seal your color


  • Bottom lip: apply corner to corner 
  • Top lip: apply from center of lip to each corner
  • Let dry 3 seconds between each layer 
  • Be sure to apply color to your waterline
  • Rub gloss in if you prefer a lighter feel to your gloss or if you like a more matte look
  • If you like lip liner, you can use the pointy end of the applicator to apply LipSense like lip liner
  • Don't let your lips touch until you get to the gloss part
  • You'll need to gloss more when you 1st start using LipSense since your lips are getting restored to their natural, luscious health

* LipSense lasts 4-18 hours!
* It's budge, smudge, smear, and kiss-proof!
* Wax-free!
* Vegan and made in the USA!
* It's incredibly moisturizing!
* Layer and mix and match LipSense shades to create your own custom colors



  1. Remove gloss
  2. Apply our Ooops! Remover liberally
  3. Let the remover sit on your lips for 30 seconds while smushing your lips together 
  4. Use a damp, warm washcloth to wipe off the color! (Bonus: the rag helps exfoliate the lips!)


  • Repeat, steps 2-4 as needed until the color is completely removed
  • Keep in mind that the LipSense color goes on in layers so it will come off in layers
  • Keep your Ooops! Remover "clean" by wiping wand on rag between lip swipes