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Hey there! I'm Anna and I live in Denver, Colorado with my cute toddler, Henry, and husband, Aaron! In addition to slingin' LipSense I'm also wedding photographer (I LOVE LipSense for our brides since it stays put all day and doesn't get all over the groom!) And I'm also the creator of a popular, personal finance blog called, And Then We Saved, so I know a thing or two about getting out of debt and making money!

Selling LipSense all started as a side gig and it's ended up turning into way more. It's hard to believe that deciding to do something as random as sell lipstick;) has been able to change my life. (I know it sounds dramatic, but it's true!) I help women feel great about themselves everyday. While I can't give you specific amounts I can tell you that my commission checks are close to 5 figures PER MONTH! (That amount doesn't even include the profits from my product sales!) I've earned a brand-new car that's paid for by the company along with a 5-day all-expenses paid trip to Costa Rica. I feel spoiled rotten, recognized and appreciated every single day by this company!

I've been very successful with this company and the wild part is, I'm not doing anything you can't do too! I'm on the #1 team in the company, and we're #1 because of all the training, support, and resources we give to our team. They never feel alone and always feel empowered and encouraged. Not only have I been able to help other women become business owners, my Facebook feed is now full of beautiful, strong women telling other beautiful, strong women how amazing they are. This company has really been one of the biggest surprise blessings in my life! I love this business and this company and could literally talk about it all day! lol! What questions can I answer for you? - Anna 

Click here: to email me or send me an email at: hi@locoforlippy.com


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So... Tell Me More...

I'm on the TOP GROSSING team in the ENTIRE COMPANY! There's a reason why we're succeeding! Curious what it is?! It's because we have amazing trainings and some of the very best leaders in the COUNTRY!! 

When I was in my twenties I heard this: "You've got to stick with the winners!" I didn't really "get it" at the time but after making some not-so-great choices I realized I needed to turn some things around with my life. 

Since my late twenties, I started seeking out the people who were succeeding, the ones who were doing what I wanted to do! I wanted their success to rub off on me! I wanted to know what they knew! This approach has worked well for me (if I do say so myself ha!;) 

Everytime I'm interested in starting something new I look for the people who are succeeding. Because they're the ones who will know how to help YOU succeed just like they have! 

Here's some quick info about how it all works: there are no monthly minimums and no party requirements. The sign up fee is $55/year. That automatically gets you 20% off. Then when you place orders, the larger your order is, the more discount you get (up to 50% off)! So for example, when you place a $600 order, you can get 40% off making it $360 for you and when you sell, you keep the other $240 as profit! Plus, if you decide to have girls sign up under you, you make commission off their sales. If you don't want to sell you can just sign up for the minimum discount, awesome! It's kind of like a Costco membership, but prettier. ;) If you want to sign up to build an empire, change your life and your future, even better! The potential with this business in UNLIMITED! 

What's possible: I've earned a NEW CAR and a 5 day all-expenses paid trip to Costa Rica for me and my husband! Wild, right? I'm not telling you that to brag, I'm telling you that because I WANT YOU TO GET IN ON THIS TOO! This is absolutely, 100% for real! If you're even the tiniest bit curious about any of this please let me know. I'm literally at the point where I want to squeeze people just to tell them how amazing this company is and how selling freakin' lipstick CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE and YOUR FUTURE! 

Now's the time! SeneGence just hit the Momentum phase (this phase will last 10-12 years) and this is the phase where the company has been around long enough to be proven but it's not yet a household name. This is the phase where millionaires are made!

I'm telling ya, there's money to be made here! There are free trips to be taken, there are new cars to be earned! It's ALL possible for YOU too! Comment below or message me. There's no pressure and I just want to answer your questions so you can figure out if it's a good fit for you or not. I'd personally mentor you, help you get started and I every month I host trainings for my team! Your success is my success! You wouldn't be alone in this at all!! 

Now is the time to hop on this opportunity and change your life! It's only 55 to sign-up (I earned that back the 1st day!). There are no monthly minimums, no party requirements, and you don't have to spend anything in advance if you don't want to. There's literally nothing to lose! My only regret is not signing up sooner!

Follow this link to sign up: Become a Distributor . If prompted for my Distributor # enter #235835

(Notes: Be sure to confirm that it says by name: Anna Newell Jones. You will want to get an Individual account unless you have a business tax license that you'd like to use for tax purposes, and skip the Lips Demo kit for now.)

Have questions? Please reach out! Send me an email at hi@locoforlippy.com or use the contact form below! Looking forward to talking with you! xo Anna